Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Grassroots Football Challenge

This is a simple method of recording for developmental purposes the progress of your players.  If you don't do this, why not give it a go. Results and league tables are there for all to see, as are the top goalscorers but what about the individual development needs of your players, and those that are not in the goal scoring category.
Can you evidence the progress of your players?  More importantly are you aware of those who may be struggling to progress?  Even if you find it difficult to formally record data, maybe use it as a method of setting goals for players, get some of the parents involved or set up your own system.

The challenge is in 10 parts, have a look, add your own information and see how it goes.

  1. How many times your goalkeeper can distribute the ball from their hands or feet to the centre backs or full backs and start the play from the back third of the pitch.
  2. How can your centre backs or full backs create space for each other to allow your goalkeeper to pass the ball short and start the play.
  3. After receiving the ball from the goalkeeper, how many times can your centre backs overload to gain advantage in numbers into the midfield and attacking thirds.
  4. How many times can your full backs move forward with the ball and combine with central or wide midfield players.
  5. How many times your defenders can, after tackling or intercepting an opponents pass can they keep possession of the ball and dribble or combine with a team mate.
  6. Can your central midfielder players complete five one v one's and three successful passes for a striker to shoot.  You can of course set these targets higher or lower to suit.
  7. Challenge your wide midfield players to complete as many one v one attempts as possible and 4 successful crosses into, for example, the penalty area.
  8. Challenge the forward players to look, check, receive, turn and go one v one with defenders and go for 4 shots on target.
  9. Ask one of your players who is not on the pitch to record or set some more challenges and then get them on to the pitch!
  10. Talk to your players before and after the game about the challenges.  Do you need to make them harder or easier and decide if you need to set new ones for the future.

As with all challenges, it's up to you and the players to decide if they are appropriate but hopefully it will place the emphasis on the development side of the game.  League tables and goalscorers are recorded for you so why not record something for all of the players?

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